Harwich and Parkeston FC founded in 1877

Essex & Suffolk Border League ........ Colchester & District youth

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A: Appearances.  G: Goals.  M: Player of the match awards.
Name Date signed Other 2010-2011 2011-2012 2012-2013 2013-2014 Total Name
    A G M A G M A G M A G M A G M A G M  
Jenson Adams01/08/2011--------3------003 Jenson Adams
Joseph Andre---14-----1----150 Joseph Andre
Heather Andrews----3----------030 Heather Andrews
Mitch Bailey----3----------030 Mitch Bailey
Sunny Bakalandwa20/01/2010---616----------6160 Sunny Bakalandwa
Tom Baker---------13-2---1302 Tom Baker
archie barrington01/06/2011--------2-3----032 archie barrington
Harrison Bartholomew01/08/2011--------1------001 Harrison Bartholomew
patrick bartholomew01/06/2011-------32-101---0133 patrick bartholomew
Ashley Bates24/07/2010---16--20--11-1---4701 Ashley Bates
Jamie Beecham----------2----020 Jamie Beecham
Jack Benewith30/09/2011------2--------200 Jack Benewith
Alfie Bennett01/08/2011-------112------0112 Alfie Bennett
Jamie Bentall24/02/2010-----1---------001 Jamie Bentall
D Bethel----------10----0100 D Bethel
Zachariah Boreham Knight01/08/2011------14-2132----2722 Zachariah Boreham Knight
Rhys Bowler01/08/2009---2533204-------4573 Rhys Bowler
danny boyle01/06/2011-------121--2---0123 danny boyle
Callum Boyne01/07/2012---------1211---1211 Callum Boyne
Harry Bradley16/07/2010---253622323-14131---62723 Harry Bradley
Thomas Brannon-------3--5----080 Thomas Brannon
jack brennan08/09/2012----------2----020 jack brennan
Casey Brook----2----------020 Casey Brook
Michael Brothers-------1-------010 Michael Brothers
Sam Brown---------13-1---1301 Sam Brown
Own goals   - - - - 4 - - 3 - - 2 - - - - - 9 - Own goals
    A G M A G M A G M A G M A G M A G M  
A: Appearances.  G: Goals.  M: Player of the match awards.
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Records 1 to 25 of 183.

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